Netherlands Mauritius

Mauritius was an official settlement of the Dutch East India Company on the island of Mauritius between 1638 and 1710, and used a refreshing station for passing ships. It was already frequented by Dutch ships from 1598 onwards, but only settled in 1638, to prevent the French and the British from settling on the island.

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Netherlands Guinea,SET,2016

Netherlands Guinea,50 Gulden,2016 Netherlands Guinea,100 Gulden,2016 Netherlands Guinea,500 Gulden,2016 Netherlands Guinea,1000 Gulden,2016
₹ 817.65 ₹ 642.50

Netherlands Mauritius,SET,2016

Netherlands Mauritius,50 Gulden,2016 Netherlands Mauritius,100 Gulden,2016 Netherlands Mauritius,500 Gulden,2016 Netherlands Mauritius,1000 Gulden,2016
₹ 817.65 ₹ 642.50