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Welcome to our store

Hello and welcome to 

Update 26/2/2017 -WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR TRADING . 



Good news - our site is now Integrated to PayPal .Skrill - Manual via emai; ( : -

We are slowly adding more items to our shop.Mission is to add atleast 5 a day.

If you find any EBAY item and would like to buy direct from us then please ask. Prices generally atleast 10% cheaper and in some cases more.


PAYPAL - Forex Calculation is a bit expensive so you prefer to pay us directly in USD or EURO then do let us know and we can send you a manual invoice based on 1.02 times This will be cheaper for you.


thanks and best wishes

Shibu Paul - IBNS LM 208 & Ashley Alexander.

New Products

Paraguay,P218,B833a,50 000 Guarani,1998

*Paraguay,P218,B833a,50000 Guarani,1998
£17.00 £15.50

Sierra Leone,P26,B122a,2000 Leones,2002

* Sierra Leone,P26,B122a,2000 Leones,2002
£5.55 £4.99

Sierra Leone,P24c,B121c,1000 Leones,2006

* Sierra Leone,P24c,B121c,1000 Leones,2006
£3.00 £2.25

Sierra Leone,P23b,B117b,500 Leones,1998

* Sierra Leone,P23b,B117b,500 Leones,1998
£3.00 £2.25

Sierra Leone,P18,B113c,100 Leones,1990

* Sierra Leone,P18,B113c,100 Leones,1990
£1.99 £1.70

Malawi,P32,B132,20 Kwacha,1995

* Malawi,P32,B132 ,20 Kwacha,1995
£5.05 £4.60

Malawi,P30,B130,5 Kwacha,1995

* Malawi,P30,B130 ,5 Kwacha,1995
£1.65 £1.40

Nepal,50 Rupees,2016

* Nepal,50 Rupees,2016
£1.49 £1.40

Nepal,20 Rupees,2016

* Nepal,20 Rupees,2016
£0.80 £0.65

Zimbabwe,2 Dollars,2016

* Zimbabwe,2 Dollars,2016
£7.00 £6.20

Malawi,2000 Kwacha,2016

*Malawi,2000 Kwacha,2016
£7.99 £7.05

Aruba,P1,B101,5 Florin,1986

* Aruba,P1,B101,5 Florin,1986
£29.00 £26.99

Seychelles,100 Rupees,2016

*Seychelles,100 Rupees,2016
£13.99 £12.49

Seychelles,50 Rupees,2016

*Seychelles,50 Rupees,2016
£6.99 £6.25

Seychelles,25 Rupees,2016

* Seychelles,25 Rupees,2016
£3.30 £2.99

Macedonia,2000 Denari,2016

*Sweden,P69,20 Kroner,2015
£47.99 £42.99

Macedonia,200 Denari,2016

*Macedonia,200 Denari,2016
£5.49 £4.80

Colombia,5000 Pesos,2016

•Colombia,5000 Pesos,2016
£3.49 £2.99

Colombia,2000 Pesos,2016

• Colombia,2000 Pesos,2016
£1.49 £1.20

Scotland,P126,20 Pounds,2009,BoS

•Scotland,P126,20 Pounds,2009 •Bank of Scotland
£33.00 £29.99

Scotland,P229I,5 Pounds,2009,Clydesdale

•Scotland,P229I,5 Pounds,2009 •Clydesdale Bank
£8.49 £7.75

Scotland,P229J,10 Pounds,2013,Clydesdale

•Scotland,P229J,10 Pounds,2013 •Clydesdale Bank
£17.00 £15.00

Scotland,P229K,20 Pounds,2013,Clydesdale

•Scotland,P229K,20 Pounds,2013 •Clydesdale Bank
£33.00 £30.00

Scotland,P229L,50 Pounds,2009,Clydesdale

•Scotland,P229L,100 Pounds,2009 •Clydesdale Bank
£80.00 £75.00

Scotland,P229M,100 Pounds,2009,Clydesdale

•Scotland,P229M,100 Pounds,2009 •Clydesdale Bank
£155.00 £145.00

Bahamas,,P68,B334,50 Cents,2001

* Bahamas,,P68,B334,50 Cents,2001
£2.49 £1.99

Bahamas,P73A,B340a,10 Dollars,2009

* Bahamas,P73A,B340a,10 Dollars,2009
£15.99 £14.65

Bahamas,P72,B338a,5 Dollars,2007

* Bahamas,P72,B338a,5 Dollars,2007
£8.49 £7.65

Bahamas,B346,5 Dollars,2013

* Bahamas,B346,5 Dollars,2013
£8.25 £7.35

Bahamas,P74A,B344a,20 Dollars,2010

* Bahamas,P74A,B344a,20 Dollars,2010
£27.99 £25.39

Bahamas,B350,10 Dollars,2016,CRISP

* Bahamas,B350,10 Dollars,2016
£14.99 £13.65

Sweden,P73,500 Kroner,2016

* Sweden,P73,500 Kroner,2016
£71.99 £64.99

Sweden,P69,20 Kroner,2015

*Sweden,P69,20 Kroner,2015
£3.25 £2.80

Sweden,P71,100 Kroner,2016

*Sweden,P71,100 Kroner,2016
£15.99 £13.69

Sweden,P72,200 Kroner,2015

*Sweden,20 Kroner,2015
£27.20 £24.49

Atlantic Forest,26/27/28 Aves SET,2016

Atlantic Forest,26 Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,27Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,28 Aves Dollar,2016
£3.99 £3.10

Atlantic Forest,23/24/25 Aves SET,2016

Atlantic Forest,23 Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,24Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,25 Aves Dollar,2016
£3.99 £3.10

Atlantic Forest,20/21/22 Aves SET,2016

Atlantic Forest,20 Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,21Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,22 Aves Dollar,2016
£3.99 £3.10

Atlantic Forest,17/18/19 Aves SET,2016

Atlantic Forest,17 Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,18 Aves Dollar,2016 Atlantic Forest,19 Aves Dollar,2016
£3.99 £3.10

South Africa,P131,B760a,100 Rands

* South Africa,P131,B760a,100 Rands

South Africa,P131,B760b,100 Rands

* South Africa,P131,B760b,100 Rands

South Africa,P132,B761a,200 Rands,AUNC

* South Africa,P132,B761a,200 Rands

South Africa,P127,B756b,200 Rands,VFINE

* South Africa,P127,B756b,200 Rands

South Africa,P137,B766a,200 Rands

* South Africa,P137,B766a,200 Rands
£23.99 £22.99

South Africa,P136,B765a,100 Rands

* South Africa,P136,B765a,100 Rands
£12.99 £11.49

South Africa,P135,B764a,50 Rands

* South Africa,P135,B764a,50 Rands
£6.99 £5.99

South Africa,P134,B763a,20 Rands

* South Africa,P134,B763a,20 Rands
£3.99 £2.99

South Africa,P133,B762a,10 Rands

* South Africa,P133,B762a,10 Rands
£2.49 £1.70

South Africa,P140,B769a,50 Rands

* South Africa,P140,B769a,50 Rands
£6.99 £5.20

South Africa,P139,B768a,20 Rands

* South Africa,P139,B768a,20 Rands
£3.99 £2.50
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